More than anyone, moms may have trouble finding balance and time for self-care. In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s shed some light on how all moms can prioritize mental health and wellness.

Mental Health Tip 1: Turn it off

It’s your special day, so why spend it on things that will only increase your stress levels? Turn off your phone. Stop watching the news. Let calls from your boss go straight to voicemail. Take this opportunity to shut out the noise and tune in to what you want instead.

Mental Health Tip 2: Ask for help

You deserve some time to yourself! If you have small children, they will undoubtedly want to do something to celebrate you. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend all day running after them and taking care of household chores. Ask your spouse or partner to take charge. If you’re a single mom, enlist a friend or relative, or consider hiring a babysitter for a few hours.

Mental Health Tip 3: Have a spa day (at home)

Going to the spa is a wonderful way to relax and recharge, but you can get many of the same benefits right in your own home. With your kids in someone else’s care, light a candle or two, put on your favorite robe, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Then enjoy a simple treatment such as a facial mask, followed by a hot bubble bath. You’ll feel renewed in no time.

Mental Health Tip 4: Engage your senses

We tend to take our five senses for granted, but deliberately engaging them can dramatically boost your sense of mental wellbeing. This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to discover what brings peace and harmony to each sense. Then you’ll be able to quickly self-soothe in the future as stress builds up. Examples include:

  • Wrap up in a warm blanket, hold a stuffed animal or other favorite item, or massage your temples and other pressure points.
  • Set a screensaver or digital photo frame with some of your most treasured snapshots, and take the time to really watch them scroll by. Go to an art museum. Or close your eyes and do a short meditation focused on your favorite place.
  • Sing along to a song you love, listen to nature sounds (either in person or through a sound machine or app), or turn on some peaceful white noise.
  • Get a diffuser and a collection of essential oils, and experiment with how different scents make you feel. Lavender is good for relaxation, while citrus scents tend to give a burst of energy.
  • Make your favorite tea or coffee, and carve out the time to sit and savor it. Or chew a piece of gum or indulge in your favorite crunchy snack, noticing how it feels and tastes in your mouth.

Mental Health Tip 5: Make a plan

Mother’s Day is a great time to stop and assess your overall mental health and stress levels. Figure out your main sources of stress and develop a plan for coping with them. Maybe you can redistribute tasks with your spouse or partner. Perhaps you can start a journal. Like many busy moms, you might need to schedule self-care time each week and then stick to it. Having a plan for the future can help keep you feel restored and renewed, rather than overwhelmed or frazzled. And if you have trouble coping, never hesitate to seek professional help.