Start your path to
a healthier tomorrow

Start your path to
a healthier tomorrow

Start your path to
a healthier tomorrow

Take advantage of
personalized prevention.

EHE Health Pulse™ Physical, our signature exam, improves and saves lives. For more than 100 years, we’ve known how vital preventive care is in keeping people healthy and discovering risks before they become serious.

We offer 100% of the preventive screenings recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force based on your age, gender, family history and other factors. Typical primary exams offer only 54%.

How to get started

Tell us who you are so we can find the best solution for you.

For Patients

As an eligible employee, you get comprehensive preventive care and continued resources for a longer, healthier life—all at no additional cost to you.

For Employers

By partnering with EHE Health, employers and benefits managers allow their employees to get healthier and their business to become more efficient.

Prevention is your protection
—and our priority.

As the leader in prevention, EHE Health continually updates our exams using recommendations by nationally respected medical organizations. We make prevention a priority by:

  • stopping issues before they start
  • spotting risk factors for illness and disease early on
  • setting a clear action plan for your long-term health

Benefits unlike any other

We’re thinking of the entire health experience, which is why our exams and services are:


Year-round, post-exam care,
including one-on-one
health mentoring


Curated network of more
than 300 board-certified
physicians across the country


At no additional cost
for members as a company sponsored benefit


Digital solutions for your health in one place

Based in research

Improved health status of returning patients

Hear from our community

I’m now cancer-free sinceJanuary 2022.”


EHE Health Member

I started my journey towardsgetting better health at theEHE pop up clinic.”

EHE Health Member

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