The days are getting shorter, family vacations are now close memories, and you’re winding down the dog days of summer. It’s time to start thinking about the back to school routine, which can be daunting.

Easing Back into the School Year

With the pandemic still not quite behind us, getting organized and staying worry-free is especially trying. But don’t worry—with a bit of planning and preparation, your entire family will be ready to get back to a regular routine. Here are a few realistic ways to ease into the upcoming school year.

Talk About the Back to School Routine and Set a Game Plan

Routines for children are not only beneficial, but they’re crucial for the positive development of confidence and self-reliance. If they know what to expect, they’ll be able to prepare themselves without really thinking about it. It’s also important to include them in creating a daily routine so that they can feel like they’re contributing to their own schedule.

Make it Fun by Establishing Traditions

New schedules can be tough and to get your kids to want to stick to them can be even harder. One way to make a back-to-school routine stick is to make it fun, memorable, and something to incorporate at the start of every new school year.

Ideas for back-to-school traditions:

  • Have a special meal the night before the first day.
  • Take time to prepare and enjoy breakfast as a family.
  • Start a “First Day” and “Last Day” photo shoot.

Familiarize Yourself and Your Child with the Back to School Routine

Talk to your kids about their new school schedule. Ask your child questions and let them ask whatever they need in return to ensure confidence and positivity for the future. Post the school schedule on the refrigerator to help you know who the teachers are and what subjects your child will be studying.

Set Expectations and Goals

Ask your child what they expect for the new year, and let them know what YOU expect. Set at least one short-term and one long-term goal.

Organize Everything Needed to Start the School Year

Prep first day school supplies or gather everything needed for the first day. Prepare lunch box items and leave them in a convenient place to ease morning prep. You can also pick out the first week’s school outfits to have one less thing to worry about during a stressful time.

Ease Into Early Bedtime and Morning Rituals

Begin a transition a week or so before school starts for nighttime routines and earlier bedtimes. Ease into morning rituals by setting the alarm and waking up earlier.

Prepare for Homework Success

Create a homework station where you can post an after school homework schedule. Here is where you’ll become aware of any subjects your child needs extra help with.

Stay Involved as the School Year Progresses

Check in periodically with your child to make sure they’re staying happy and confident. Keep the same schedules you established at the beginning of the year to maintain consistency.