Give your business preventive health solutions to match every need.

Introducing EHE Health Pulse 

Better data. Lower costs. Healthier employees. It’s population health made smarter and easier.

Pulse Digital

Utilizing technology that drives
dynamic clinical insight

Pulse Virtual

At-home consultations that delivers preventive care everywhere

Pulse Physical

The gold standard for preventive, in-person clinical exams

Multiple paths.

One Partner.

EHE Health Pulse creates a happier, healthier workforce by giving employees a range of preventive health options. 

See what EHE Health Pulse can do for your employees. 

This is more than a health app.

EHE Health Pulse Digital gives your employees customizable content, tools, and tracking, enhanced by dynamic remote clinical monitoring. That means richer data and better visibility into population health.

Real-Time Health Tracking Wearable Device Integration
Clinical Feedback COVID-19 VaxStatus
Customized Advice myEHE Access

It’s been eye-opening. We’ve never had this kind of real-time insight into employee health.

-Benefits Manager at EHE Heatlh Employer

By giving your employees remote access to clinical insight, your organization benefits from a more productive workforce and unprecedented visibility into population health.

This is not typical telemedicine.

EHE Health Pulse Virtual is a preventive health experience for employees in all locations and of all health statuses. That means greater utilization, reduced short- and long-term expenses, and better data for employers to curate an optimized benefits ecosystem.

At-Home Lab Kit Health Mentorship
Care Navigation Personal Action Plan
COVID-19 VaxStatus Virtual Consultation

Many employees who never explored our other benefits are now more engaged thanks to how easy Pulse Virtual was for a first step.

-Benefits Manager

Giving your employees quick, convenient access to prevention improves their health and productivity while reducing overall costs.

This is not a standard check-up.

EHE Health Pulse Physical is the gold standard, for in-person comprehensive preventive exams and has made a lasting, measurable impact on employee health at top companies in every industry.

One-on-one Health Mentor coaching Reduced rates for chronic conditions
Optimized exam components Specialist referrals
National curated provider network Travel medicine consultation

When our employees started having their physical exams, the impact on their health outcomes was significant.

-Benefits Manager

Giving your workforce the best preventive exam and follow-up services leads to dramatically improved health metrics across the board.

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