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Dr. David Levy joins Bloomberg Businessweek Radio

February 25,2021


February 25, 2021

Dr David Levy, CEO of EHE Health, joins Bloomberg Businessweek to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and strategies for getting employees back to work.


December 21, 2020

EHE Health’s CEO Dr. David Levy joins CNBC Squawk Box to discuss the mutation of COVID-19, how to attack the virus, and guidance for how employers should participate in the vaccination process to reduce the lethality of the virus



March 22, 2021

Stop Doing This or You Could Get a Heart Attack, Experts Warn

Featuring Dr. Seema Sarin, Director of Lifestyle Medicine


March 9, 2021

Women Report Higher Levels of Stress, Burnout, Depressions During Pandemic Than Men

Featuring Joy Altimare, Chief Engagement and Brand Officer


February 22, 2021

Yahoo! Life
Ways to Have a Safer Spring Break 2021: How to Travel and Where to Go

Featuring Dr. Seema Sarin, Director of Lifestyle Medicine


February 10, 2021

The CDC Revealed Exactly How Effective Double Masking Is

Featuring Dr. Seema Sarin, Director of Lifestyle Medicine


The COVID-19 Vaccine: Where Do Employers Fit In?

February 2, 2021

Dr. David Levy, EHE Health’s CEO, was joined by Dr. Bernard Camins, Mount Sinai’s Medical Director for Infection Prevention, and Dr. Lydia Boyd Campbell, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, IBM Corporate Health & Safety, to discuss important public health strategies to consider, like double-masking, and what guidance employers can provide to their employees around the vaccination roll-out to keep individuals safe, healthy and productive.

The Coronavirus Vaccine: Legal Guidance For Employers and Their Employees

December 2, 2020

EHE Health’s CEO, Dr. David Levy, and Delphine O’Rourke, healthcare legal expert, attorney, and partner at Goodwin, discuss the elements of a smart and effective legal plan design for deployment of the coronavirus vaccine for your employees.

The Coming Coronavirus Vaccine and Anti-Viral Therapies: What to Expect and How to Prepare

November 19, 2020

EHE Health’s CEO, Dr. David Levy, Dr. Cara Pensabene, and Dr. Bernard Camins, Mount Sinai’s Medical Director for Infection Prevention, discuss which vaccines and therapies are likely to be available and the strategic recommendation that supports an equitable distribution among various population groups.

The Pandemic After the Pandemic

September 23, 2020

EHE Health’s CEO, Dr. David Levy, explores with Craig Kurtzweil, VP and leader for the Healthcare Center for Advanced Analytics at UnitedHealth Group, the impact of the Pandemic on the utilization of preventive health services. This session unpacks the data introduced in our August webinar and review — by demographics, geography, and other variables — the dramatic reduction of these services since the pandemic began. The possibility of unexpected surges of a wide variety of conditions after the pandemic subsides is considered and discussed.

Press release

November 23, 2020

EHE Health Launches Personalized Mobile Health Offering – Thrive Now – to Support Maternal and Family Health

Clinically-integrated healthy lifestyle app aimed at helping manage whole-family health.


November 20, 2020

EHE Health CEO: Vaccines and Antivirals Can Knock COVID-19 to its Knees by Year End, but Leadership Will Be Key

Vaccines and antiviral treatments offer hope for swift reduction in hospitalizations and lethality of the coronavirus


September 30, 2020

EHE Health Warns That Gap in Preventive Care During
COVID-19 Is the Next Great Health Crisis

30%-plus declines in preventive care visits, vaccinations, cancer screenings place Americans at greater risk of chronic conditions and advanced diseases


September 29, 2020

EHE Health Partners with to Provide COVID-19 Saliva Tests to Large US Employers

Easy and convenient solution that can be administered anywhere increases access to testing in the US.


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