Join EHE Health,

the leaders in preventive medicine

We are the Original Prevention Network.
For more than 100 years, we’ve led the way in helping people stay happy and healthy
with our company-provided benefit that offers 360° care, 365 days a year.

Why EHE Health?

Let Doctors Be Doctors
Limited admin time,
more patient time

Exceptional Patient Experience
Industry-leading NPS scores

True Partnership
Collaborative, friendly environment

Patient Support
Health navigation and
one-on-one mentorship

Downstream Patient
Continued PCP care

Frictionless Billing
No claims and no denials

Your EHE Health day

Your schedule revolves around direct consultations with patients, typically one or two an hour. Our unique clinical model gives you the time to provide personalized care without many complications of primary care, such
as billing and insurance matters.

Who we want

EHE Health is looking for physicians who are board-certified or eligible in the areas of family, internal, preventive, or emergency medicine. Our doctors are eager to collaborate, open-minded about new technologies, and motivated to be part of a holistic approach to patient care.

As a preventive medicine physician, I am thankful that my conversations with patients are centered on
behavioral lifestyle change.”


A national curated
provider network:

• 148 primary care locations
(includes 7 EHE Health owned clinics)
• 260+ primary care physicians
• 200+ ancillary locations
• 300+ ancillary physicians
• 40 states+ D.C and Puerto Rico

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Additional Resources

Curious what happens after your EHE Health exam?

Health Navigation Center

Our range of post-exam resources which include personal health coaching, referral services, vaccinations, and more.

Health Mentorship

One-on-one mentoring sessions your employees can use to make improvements to your life long after your exam is over.

Did you know?

We are actively hiring physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners,
and more at our 7 owned and operated clinics