Meet EHE Health

Pulse™ Physical

Meet EHE Health

Pulse™ Physical

The gold standard in preventive exams puts your employees in control of their health and your business ahead of the curve. 

Lower costs

Improve your ROI and healthcare investment.

Prevention at scale

Achieve better total population health for your business.

Increased retention

Create a healthier,
happier workforce.

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Explore Pulse™ Physical Features

Your employees get a preventive experience that goes far beyond a traditional physical with:

    • 100% of recommended screenings
    • In-depth doctor consultation
    • Year-round, one-on-one Health Mentoring
    • COVID-19 and additional vaccinations

    • Access to national curated provider network

    • Specialist referrals 

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    When our employees started having their physical exams, the impact on their health outcomes was significant.

    -Company Benefits Manager

    We offer the full package.

    Explore the rest of our Pulse™ collection for more ways to improve the health of your business.

    Pulse™ Virtual goes beyond standard telehealth with in-depth preventive care and guidance from the comfort of home.

    Pulse™ Digital offers on-the-go
    customizable health resources
    access via our app.