Stress relief is critical. In our frenetic modern world, stress is a near constant fact of life for many. Between the demands of work life, personal life, and distressing world events, the need for stress relief products and methods is at an all-time high. Learning to manage stress effectively is vital to positive long-term health outcomes, both mental and physical. That’s why it’s so important to find a few ways to relieve stress in your everyday life.

Stress Relief Toys for Adults

Stress relief toys and gadgets come in a variety of styles and are designed to calm your mind and nervous system by distracting you from stressful situations.

  • Fidget Toys – Fidgets are tactile self-regulation toys like slime balls, spinner toys, and squishy cubes and balls. These increase sensory awareness of your fingers, help reduce stress and promote better concentration.
  • Stress Balls – These are small balls made of gel or soft clay that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Stress balls encourage good blood circulation, and as you repetitively squeeze them, stress, tension, and other negative emotions decrease or subside. Manipulating stress balls stimulates the brain to release feel-good endorphins, which are natural sedatives and pain relievers. Stress balls also stimulate nerves in your hand which connect to the brain’s limbic region (the area of the brain associated with emotions), promoting feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Dammit Dolls – This doll for grownups is designed to vent your frustrations and will withstand endless banging on your desk. Dammit dolls are great for a laugh and lightening things up at work.
  • Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toys – These tactile sculptures sit on your desk, allowing you to fidget in order to relieve stress and think more creatively.
  • Desktop Zen Garden – These small replicas of traditional Japanese meditative gardens come with small rakes and brooms to drag through the sand. Making patterns calms your mind, and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Natural Stress Relief Tools

In addition to stress-relieving toys, there are many simple and easy ways to self-regulate throughout the day.

  • Learn to meditate – Meditation is a powerful way to relieve the physical and mental strain of cumulative and chronic stress. Meditation offers many benefits, and even five minutes a day can reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Drink stress relieving teas – Peppermint, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, rose, and green tea (among others) all contain stress relief compounds that will help soothe and calm your system.
  • Check out some apps – Apps are a great tool for accessing meditations and stress-reducing exercises. CalmMindfulnessHeadspace, and Aura are excellent choices.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene – Sleep hygiene is a set of habits and practices conducive to a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep on a regular basis is a cornerstone of maintaining sound mental and physical health. Stress resilience decreases dramatically when sleep is compromised. Sleep hygiene helps us sync up with our natural circadian rhythms, so we rest deeply at night, and have ample energy during the day.
  • Exercise regularly – Regular, vigorous exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress, shore up our overall health, and sleep more deeply at night. Pick a routine, workout plan, or activity you enjoy doing, and commit to it.

Remember that while stress is normal, and can even be useful when moderate, chronic stress wears us down. Stress relief is part of basic wellness. We must regulate our stress in order to keep our mental and physical health in balance. The more you commit to your health by eating well, cultivating healthy sleep, and choosing stress relief activities and tools that help you manage your response, the stronger your daily health will be. 

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