Spring is in the air! It’s time to take advantage of all this freshness and make a new beginning with these healthy food habits. 

Here are some simple but often overlooked ideas for starting on the right foot this season:

1. Clean out your fridge.

Getting rid of your favorite junk food is a challenging task. There’s always the risk that you’ll break down and get some more! But it will be worth it when you find yourself with fewer cravings, cleaner eating habits, and so much space in your fridge for all those healthy foods that you will later prepare.

2. Go shopping and restock your pantry.

Treat yourself by going grocery shopping. Buy fresh foods that are less processed. Replacing the content of your pantry gives you the option to eat healthier food if any cravings do happen. This will keep you from defaulting to ultra-processed food that will just weight you down.

3. Make sure your kitchen is organized.

Make sure your fridge and pantry have nutritious foods in the front where you can see them. Keep healthy foods in clear glass containers such as cut vegetables and hard-boiled eggs. Daily food prep gives you a good reminder to stick to your healthy habits.

4. Start cooking, stop ordering in.

Eating healthy isn’t easy, but it’s so worth the effort, especially in the long run. Being in control of what goes into your body is a great thing, and cooking for yourself is an excellent way to do so. Start by preparing simple meals and snacks such as salted and steamed chicken breasts stocked in clear containers. You may also pair roasted sweet potatoes and organic boiled eggs. Keep them handy in your fridge, and voila! You now have your version of ready-to-eat healthy meals.

5. Drink more water!

As the weather is getting warmer, your body will require more water to be fully hydrated. To ensure you drink enough water throughout the day, drink about two cups of water with each meal and snack. It’s one of the most important food habits—and one of the easiest.

6. Cut back on the alcohol.

If you want to alter your eating habits, cut down on drinking. Drinking alcohol is worthless for nutrition and may harm your efforts to consume healthy food choices. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle is all about moderation, and that extends to alcohol consumption, too. The recommended amount of drink is one drink a day for both men and women, no matter how old they are. Staying within those limits can help save your health. As an added benefit, staying within those limits can also make it easier to lose extra weight.

7. Reduce your sugar consumption.

Many people crave sweets during the dark winter months. Most people have the tendency keep eating even when the winter season is over. Instead of eating your usual sweets, eat some fruits and nuts for snacks. You can also reduce your sugar consumption by reducing your instant/canned foods intake.

8. Double your fresh vegetable consumption.

The best part about spring is the abundance of produce in season, meaning they are picked at their peak. Their nutrient content is at its highest, and they taste great! There is also a significant price drop on veggies, so bulk purchases are possible. It is advised that you consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Warmer weather is coming. Now is the perfect time to begin new habits! We need to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and spend time outdoors to enhance our quality of life. Here’s to a fresh start with food habits!