On Sept. 1, the CDC recommended updated COVID-19 boosters which add Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 spike protein components to the current vaccine composition, helping to restore protection that has waned since previous vaccinations.

As the Omicron variants continue to spread, EHE Health clinics (including Stamford, Houston, McLean, New York, and Morristown) have what you need and more–COVID tests, Influenza vaccine and other vaccines, and updated boosters–to be safe.

The BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants are currently causing most cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., and they are predicted to be circulating this fall and winter, so it’s important to get your booster if you’re eligible.


Who is eligible?

  • People cannot get a bivalent booster without first completing at least a primary series.(A primary seriesis the initial dose(s) of a COVID-19 vaccine. For Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, the primary series is two vaccine doses).
  • After this, an updated booster can be received two (2) months after their last vaccination, whether it was a primary or booster dose and three (3) months after symptom onset or positive test for COVID infection.
  • The only booster that is currently authorized for people 12 years of age and older is the bivalent booster.
  • People can no longer receive the monovalent vaccine that only targeted the original SARS-CoV-2 strain as a booster dose.

For additional details and a breakdown of vaccination recommendations, visit the CDC website.

EHE Health locations adhere to the highest safety standards. Our tested and vaccine-boosted staff are here to help you stay protected against COVID-19 now and healthier for years to come.

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