EHE Health Announces New Brand Campaign: The Original Prevention Network

    New identity reflects the company’s longstanding leadership in preventive care and its relentless pursuit of new ways to keep employees and businesses thriving

    NEW YORKJan. 10, 2022 — New Year, new look. Today, EHE Health unveiled a new brand campaign, including refreshed elements and original creative. The campaign embraces the national health network’s longstanding leadership in preventive health care delivery, design and data while highlighting its evolving suite of product offerings engineered to increase access to preventive health services.

    “Great healthcare always starts with prevention,” said Dr. David Levy, MD, Chief Executive Officer for EHE Health. “It’s important to think of preventive health as the foundational building block of high-quality primary care that is core to employers’ provision of comprehensive health services. For all employers, preventive care is the right starting point – from primary care, to chronic disease management and specialty care, as well as an evidence-based approach to population health management. Our unparalleled and rapidly growing network of preventive health and primary care physicians consistently deliver the highest patient satisfaction scores in the industry, as well as reliable improvement of outcomes and cost reduction.”

    The new identity, which launched with a robust advertising campaign including the takeover of Times Square and the Wall Street, Rockefeller Center and Stamford Metro stations, modernizes and elevates the 100-year-old company, underscoring its pioneering role and deep expertise in prioritizing prevention.

    “Employers have a myriad of health options to choose from, but only EHE Health has been prioritizing prevention at scale for more than a century,” said Joy Altimare, Chief Revenue Officer for EHE Health. “Our new branding doubles down on our promise to help protect a company’s greatest asset – its people – by offering the most comprehensive and optimized preventive care solutions on the market. While we have always delivered great preventive care in-person, we are excited this new branding represents our tiered product offering that meets our members where they are – in person or virtually.”

    New brand elements include an updated logo, featuring a recognizable and resonant plus shape with multi-colored layers to give it a pulsating effect. The new logo is not only symbolic of the essence of healthcare, but it also represents a new contemporary meaning of productivity, innovation and collaboration, foundational elements of the EHE Health brand. Together, the brand elements speak to the robust product offerings at EHE, which include Pulse Physical as well as newer offerings Pulse Digital and Pulse Virtual.

    • EHE Health Pulse Digital gives employees customizable content, tools, and tracking, enhanced by dynamic remote clinical monitoring. That means richer data and better visibility into population health.
    • EHE Health Pulse Virtual is a preventive health experience for employees in all locations and of all health status. That means greater engagement, reduced short- and long-term expenses, and better data for employers to curate an optimized benefits ecosystem.
    • EHE Health Pulse Physical is the gold standard for in-person comprehensive evidence-based preventive exams and has made a lasting, measurable impact on employee health at top companies in every industry.

    Through these offerings all members have access to unique services tailored to their needs – personal health records, yearlong health mentorship focused on helping members ‘Eat, Think, and Move,’ and a wide variety of personalized digital tools including the ability to directly download vaccine credentials from their state health authorities.

    The campaign was developed as part of EHE’s focused approach to speak directly to its members’ needs and aims to express the needs of the average American employee to employers. It’s the first brand campaign launched by Annie Anlas, Vice President of Creative, who was hired at EHE Health in September 2021. Anlas brings 20 years of experience to her role and was previously Associate Creative Director at Seamless and GrubHub prior to joining EHE.

    The launch comes at a crucial time amid the ongoing pandemic. Preventive health visits declined by 30 percent during the shutdown, and experts predict a sharp increase in catastrophic claims in the coming years, exposing self-insured employers to greater financial risk. EHE Health remains committed to rewiring how healthcare is approached while providing key offerings to protect the workforce of the future. This commitment is demonstrated by the introduction of product features, such as VaxStatusTM, which makes it easier to securely access, store and share vaccination records, including COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, digitally.

    About EHE Health
    EHE Health is a national healthcare provider network and center of excellence in preventive health and primary care, that partners with mid- and large-sized employers to give their employees and beneficiaries an entry point to organized healthcare, beginning with prevention. Named as a Great Place to Work®-certified company, EHE Health is headquartered in New York City and operates and/or contracts with 200 health clinics across the U.S., staffed by a network of curated primary care physicians and clinicians. For 108 years, EHE Health has been an innovator and leader in helping people live longer, healthier lives with personalized preventive care. For more information, visit us at

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