You probably already have a fitness routine at home. But what can you do when you’re traveling, especially if you’re at a hotel without a gym? Use these suggestions as vacation workout inspiration.


The simple act of walking offers tremendous health benefits. And almost everyone can do it, even if you aren’t currently very fit. Vacations offer nearly limitless opportunities to get your daily steps in. Take in some local museums. Sign up for a history tour, ghost walk, or other walking tours. Skip the rental car and use public transportation. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at your hotel. Before you know it, you’ll get fit without breaking a sweat!


Part of the fun of traveling is doing things you don’t do daily. So try reconnecting with your inner child. Find a local mini golf course. Get out of your beach chair and build a sandcastle. Look for a ropes course or rock-climbing gym or zip line. See if you can beat the timer in an escape room. Remember, fitness doesn’t have to look or feel like “exercise.” Anything that gets you moving around and using your body counts as a vacation workout!


A crucial part of physical fitness is rest and recovery. If you’re an active traveler who tends to go-go-go, make sure you schedule some downtime. Also, be sure to prioritize sleep. Having just one more drink at the hotel bar can be tempting, but sticking to your sleep schedule will help ensure that you are ready for the day ahead.

Don’t forget your diet

Trying new foods is part of the fun when you’re on the road. But too often, we grab fast food because it’s quick and easy. While there’s nothing wrong with an occasional burger and fries, your physical fitness will take a hit if you don’t incorporate some healthier fare. Before your trip, identify some local farm-to-table restaurants to try. When on an excursion, take a look at a nearby café menu. Many tourist spots are now offering healthier options.

Consider stocking your room with some healthy snacks. If you have a refrigerator and microwave, you can even eat some meals in your room. But if not, having a few snack options can at least stop you from hitting the vending machine when you get hungry in the middle of the night.

Vacations offer seemingly endless opportunities to shake things up. Keeping up with your physical fitness is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same workouts as you do at home. Instead, take advantage of this time to try new ways of staying fit. From wandering through museums to indulging your inner child, if you eat right and stay active, you might come home even healthier than when you left.