At the forefront of prevention—EHE Health leads by example.

Dr. David Levy, CEO of EHE Health and epidemiologist, received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 14th. Dr. Seema Sarin, EHE Health’s Director of Lifestyle Medicine, got her vaccination earlier this week.

Our mission is to ensure everyone in the EHE Health community has the best, latest, and most relevant resources they need to navigate this new phase of the pandemic.

With vaccination distribution expanding across the country, it’s crucial for everyone to have accurate information about the vaccines, awareness of their own current health status, and an understanding of whether that status may prioritize them for early vaccination.

Dr. Seema Sarin

Director of Lifestyle Medicine, EHE Health

To this end, we’re now providing a COVID-19 Health Assessment to EHE Health members. Based on your exam, this follow-up assessment can show if you’re at greater risk and qualify for earlier vaccination.

We’re proud to share Dr. Levy and Dr. Sarin demonstrating to everyone that vaccines are safe, essential, and our path toward moving past this pandemic.