EHE Health Introduces VaxStatus and Partners with CLEAR’s Digital Vaccine Card

    New partnership allows people to link their vaccination status to CLEAR’s digital vaccine card 

    Direct connectivity with state and local immunization registries ensures verified proof of vaccination 

    VaxStatus via EHE Health is live with 11 jurisdictions, including most recently in New York; connectivity to immunization registries in all 50 states is expected in the coming months 

    New York, August 27, 2021 – EHE Health, a national preventive health and primary care network that partners with leading employers to advance employee health and engagement in preventive care, today introduced VaxStatus™, making it easy to securely access, store, and share vaccination records, including COVID-19 vaccines, digitally. Through its partnership with CLEAR, EHE Health’s VaxStatus empowers members to securely link their COVID-19 vaccination information to CLEAR’s digital vaccine card, creating a simple way to view immunizations required or advised for travel and access to offices, buildings, sports events, and other venues. 

    Key features of EHE Health’s VaxStatus include: 

    Through direct connectivity to state and local Immunization and Information Services (ISS), users can retrieve a verified digital record of their existing vaccination record and download it to their mobile device. VaxStatus is now live with 11 jurisdictions, including most recently in New York. EHE Health VaxStatus already covers 40 percent of the adult population where connectivity with immunization registries has been established. 

    By connecting with CLEAR’s digital vaccine card, EHE Health VaxStatus can link their verified identity and immunization information in a single app, replacing their paper vaccination card with a digital version that can be securely stored and easily viewed on their mobile device. 

    In addition to storing COVID-19 vaccine information, EHE Health users can elect to keep a digital record of other adult immunizations such as hepatitis, measles, meningitis, tetanus, and others that may be a prerequisite of travel or admission. 

    Users can authorize EHE Health to incorporate vaccination history into their personal health records, regardless of where vaccines were administered, thus providing important health information for clinicians and health plans. 

    “EHE Health has worked closely with organizations across the country to help them keep their employees safe on the job and to facilitate the return to normalcy in a pandemic-altered reality,” said Dr. David Levy, MD, CEO of EHE Health. “We partnered with CLEAR because its secure identity platform is known and trusted by millions of travelers and 

    government regulators. Trust, which has been eroded in so many areas during this pandemic, is needed now more than ever, especially when it comes to personal health information.” 

    Shared Insights for Better Health and Safety 

    By introducing VaxStatus, EHE Health gives employers yet another tool to empower their employees to proactively manage their health journeys. VaxStatus is a free service for all EHE Health’s members, who simply access their personal health records on the myEHE platform where they will locate their verified vaccination status. They can then download the app and from there, upload the vaccination status into their mobile device and, if they wish, authorize EHE Health to share their information with trusted third parties, such as CLEAR. 

    Because vaccinations are typically not claims-based services and are administered at a diverse range of facilities, which may be an EHE Health clinic or at a retail pharmacy, hospital, community health clinics, or other physician’s office, many health plans and employers have experienced difficulty gaining information about the vaccination status of their members and workforce. Further complicating matters, the ability to access COVID-19 information in state registries differs state by state, with varying protocols and degrees of connectivity. 

    EHE Health has developed technology that complies with state protocols, thus eliminating the challenges associated with the information-gathering and reporting process.VaxStatus serves as a HIPAA-compliant channel for EHE Health to easily retrieve vaccination information and share de-identified information in aggregate with employers while populating personal records for use by patients, their trusted providers, and health plan. 

    About EHE Health 

    EHE Health is a national healthcare provider network and center of excellence in preventive health and primary care, that partners with mid- and large-sized employers to give their employees and beneficiaries an entry point to organized healthcare, beginning with prevention. Named as a Great Place to Work®-certified company, EHE Health is headquartered in New York City and operates 200 health clinics across the U.S., staffed by a network of curated primary care physicians and clinicians. It is the only national healthcare provider dedicated to preventive care that has no health status selection among large, diverse workforce populations. For 108 years, EHE Health has been an innovator and leader in helping people live longer, healthier lives with personalized preventive care. For more information, visit us at 

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