EHE Health Launches Personalized Mobile Health Offering – Thrive Now – to Support Maternal and Family Health


New York and San Francisco | November 23, 2020

EHE Health, a leading preventive and primary healthcare provider organization, today announced the launch of Thrive Now, its first-ever, clinically-integrated, mobile health app designed to help women prepare for healthy pregnancies, improve maternal and infant health and minimize the risks and costs of preventable complications before and after delivery.

Thrive Now offers a set of highly personalized tools and content, powered by mobile health solutions provider Wildflower Health and seamlessly connected with EHE Health clinical specialists and primary care network providers. Designed to drive active user engagement, the app helps women make healthy choices, identify health issues, manage immunization, vaccination and medical scheduling, and connect directly with mentors, mental health specialists and an enhanced care team during pre-conception, postpartum and the foundational stages of healthy parenting.

“Women in their reproductive years are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce , and preventive care that emphasizes maternal health is crucial not only to the advancement of women, but the health of their families and the economy,” said Dr. David Levy, an epidemiologist and CEO of EHE Health. “More than ever, employers are focused on innovative maternal health strategies to better address women’s needs as well as the costs of healthcare and turnover associated with motherhood.”

Maternal and newborn care, combined, represent the most expensive health conditions to treat and highest healthcare claims costs for employers , particularly when there are complications. Whereas the greatest pregnancy-related risks were once related to delivery, the leading causes of pregnancy complications and maternal mortality are now pre-existing, chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates of all developed countries, and the CDC reports that 60 percent of deaths could have been prevented had mothers better understood the importance of and been able to access more easily quality prenatal and postpartum care.

Power of Personalized Engagement

Thrive Now expands on EHE Health’s omnichannel marketing platform that seeks to maximize engagement in and utilization of preventive and primary care services. The app fuses Wildflower’s powerful customization engine that creates a highly-personalized user experience based on individual interests and health needs, and EHE Health’s network providers and mentors in their efforts to deliver care that is grounded in preventative care and healthy lifestyle practices. The result is a closer connection between patients and care providers through mentorship, telehealth and in-person office visits.

The app facilitates one-touch connections to a range of EHE resources, including appointment scheduling, preparing for health exams, engaging with a health mentor or accessing specific support the full range of health issues, connection to care supporting the full family life cycle and even career and work-life balance. App users also have simple click-to-call access to all resources offered by their employer.

“We are honored to partner with EHE. Our technology is a perfect fit to extend the impact of their preventive and clinical resources,” said Leah Sparks, Founder and CEO of Wildflower. “We believe in empowering the chief health officer of the home to educate and activate patients as a crucial component to bending the cost curve in healthcare. We believe in EHE’s prevention-first model, and we’re excited to integrate with their clinicians and coaches to equip families with the care they need.”

To download a version of Thrive Now, text NOW to 844.972.1922 for a link to download. Or search THRIVE NOW in your app store.

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Wildflower connects women and families to better care by breaking down silos among providers, payers and best-in-class partners. Our digital platform and virtual patient advocates engage the Chief Health Officer of the home (aka mom) by delivering personalized experiences that simplify the healthcare journey for families. Our model also fuels the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Empowering women. Collapsing silos. Rewarding value. This is a smarter way to care.