EHE Health Introduces a National, Evidence-based,
COVID-19 Management System to Help Americans Stay Safe at Work

Planning for essential employees who are currently at work and those who will return in coming weeks

New York, NY | April 8, 2020

Leading preventive and primary healthcare advocate EHE Health today announced the launch of a public health-modeled Safe-at-Work Management System designed to help employers keep essential employees on the job and plan for the process of re-starting their non-essential physical worksites in the future.

Building on its deep experience in preventive health and primary care, EHE Health has introduced the Safe-at-Work Management System which provides assessment, communication and planning tools, as well as management support and reporting frameworks. The system was developed in response to employers’ growing need for public health oriented, evidence-based solutions to help address employee concerns about workplace safety during this pandemic and in the post-pandemic era.

“We are applying well-established public health strategies – tactics that have been effective in the current epidemic in certain countries and in other epidemic scenarios historically – to sensibly help employers manage the COVID-19 crisis,” said David Levy, an epidemiologist and CEO of EHE Health. “This is our wheelhouse. We have a 100+-year legacy of stepping up to address public health challenges, and our Safe-at-Work Management System allows us to support our clients and to make our contribution to keeping employees safe and productive.”

EHE’s Safe-at-Work Management System provides employers with customized solutions to allow for essential workers to stay safely at work, and to support safe, gradual relaxation of social distancing rules when employee populations ultimately return. This includes a customized site-by-site plan for each location, worksite preparedness, communication tools with relevant stakeholders, examination and COVID-19 testing of employees as necessary, monitoring the health status of every employee at every site, appropriate referral to community public health authorities, and site-by-site reporting on a customized technology platform. The EHE approach is grounded in well-established public health practices and is designed to bring a consistent and evidence-based approach for employers as they are confronted with the challenges of a safe workplace in these unprecedented times.

“As an employer with a diverse global workforce, we are focused on arming our team members with the resources needed to return to work in a safe environment and to travel with confidence as we navigate the post-COVID-19 environment,” said Robin Devereux, Managing Director at Summit Partners and member of the EHE board of directors. “EHE’s Safe-at-Work Management System offers an evidence-based approach, including tools and practical strategies focused on helping employees return to and stay healthy at work. We believe EHE is the right partner to help guide us during the next steps on this unprecedented journey.”

The EHE Health Safe-at-Work Management System will launch in May 2020.

To learn more about EHE’s Safe-at-Work Work Management System and how employers are organizing to successfully implement, join the EHE Health webinar on Zoom today, Wednesday, April 8th at 2pm where David Levy will lead a conversation with Dr. Andrew Rundle, DrPH, Associate Professor-Epidemiology, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and Delphine O’Rourke, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP, lead outside counsel to health systems, hospitals and hospital associations. 



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