Preventive Care Pioneer EHE Health Moves into New, State of the Art Flagship Clinic in Rockefeller Center

New York, NY | February 2020

EHE Health, the only national preventive health and primary care network in America, announced the opening of its new New York City clinic at 600 Fifth Avenue in Rockefeller Center. The nearly 23,000 square foot space will double the provider’s flagship clinical operations. The fast-growing company offers its preventive health benefit and primary care network through employers to more than 120,000 members nationwide.

The New York City flagship was designed by TPG Architecture to feel more like an inviting retreat than a clinic, reflecting the provider’s innovative approach to care. “People usually go to traditional doctors when they’re sick,” explains EHE Health Chief Engagement Officer Joy Altimare. “But members come to EHE to stay well. It was important for this space to reflect that ethos. We want our members to look forward to their preventive exam and follow-up Health Mentorship, and that starts with a clinic that’s fresh, modern, and welcoming.”

In addition to the beautiful, spa-like space––complete with plant wall and greenery––the clinic has been designed for efficiency, allowing for a more streamlined exam experience. It also incorporates key technology, including 3D mammography, but technology goes hand-in-hand with “high touch.” “Technology in service of preventive care is obviously important,” says David Levy, EHE Health’s CEO. “But for us, high tech always goes hand in hand with high touch. A caring, human experience is at the center of our approach to care.”

The EHE Health exam is one of the most comprehensive and efficient in healthcare (based on U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations), and each member gets the exam that’s right for their age, gender, and health risks, including musculoskeletal, mental health, and cardiovascular assessments among others. In addition to its New York City flagship, the provider runs six owned and operated clinics––in Morristown, NJ, Stamford, CT, Mclean, VA, Boston, Chicago, and Houston. An additional xx network providers also provide the EHE Health exam. Post exam members have access to the company’s free Health Mentorship Program, that provides year-round guidance to help members achieve their health goals.

The new clinic space––located steps away from its former location at 10 Rockefeller Center––joins the company’s corporate headquarters, which relocated to 600 Fifth Avenue in November.



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About EHE Health
EHE Health is a national preventive health Center of Excellence provider system. EHE’s evidence-based preventive program is offered to large, self-insured employers to give their employees and beneficiaries a value-based entry point to a lifetime of organized, effective, efficient, and satisfying care. Founded in 1913, EHE is the first—and only—national health care provider in America specializing in preventive health. For over one hundred years it has been dedicated to health, productivity, and longevity for members, and improving the value of the health care benefit offered by large employers.