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Bloomberg News: EHE Health CEO Dr. David Levy Speaks to COVID-19

by Dr. David Levy

Episode 02: The State of the Pandemic


Dr. David Levy discusses with Bloomberg News, the state of the pandemic and how public health 101 can be applied at mass scale

EHE Health: Opening Introduction Music

by Robbie Macaraeg

Episode 01: Introduction Music


This is the music we have at the beginning of all of our edited audio and video files

September 23, 2020

The Pandemic After the Pandemic

Featuring Dr. David Levy and Craig Kurtzweil

August 08, 2020

A Pandemic Update:

What We Know About Vulnerable Populations

Featuring Dr. David Levy and Craig Kurtzweil

May 28, 2020

Opening Safely for Patients

Featuring Dr. Cara Pensabene