We’ve learned from COVID-19 how important it is to see how your health impact your life, and what you can do to stay ahead.

Welcome to EHE Health

A preventive health benefit from your employer that enhances your primary care and lowers your risks.

Prevention protects you now and puts you on course for a healthier future.

Still not sure how prevention

works for you?

After the past year, would you like
to improve your sleep, stress, or
work-life balance

Do you want worry-free,
healthy travel
as the world
begins to re-open?

Are you eager to lower your risks
for diabetes, heart disease,
, and other chronic conditions?

Would you like to take care of
every essential screening—and
review the results with a doctor?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, prevention is for you.
Schedule your EHE Health preventive exam today.

Look to the future with more confidence.

Your preventive health benefit gives you what you need to feel your best, every day.

How It Works

Your Visit

Receive 100% of your recommended screenings.

Your Exam

Have an unrushed doctor consultation with in-depth guidance.

Your Health Mentor

Enjoy year-round one-on-one expert support.

We Put Your Safety First

Your EHE Health exam is protected by the highest-standard COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure a safe visit.

What to Expect

See what the EHE Health experience is like.

Glad You Asked

How long is the EHE Health exam?

It depends on the specific screenings you need, often determined by your age. Most people under age 40 finish their exam in about two hours. If you are over age 40, it may take
three or four hours with additional recommended components. 

What if I already have a doctor I like?

Great! EHE Health does not replace your primary care physician. We provide you with health insights and mentorship so you can enhance your care with your PCP.

Will my company see my exam results?

Absolutely not. Your health information is 100% confidential and protected. Always.

Is this health insurance?

No. Your EHE Health preventive exam is covered at 100% under your S&P UnitedHealthcare plan. Your deductible is not touched, and there are no additional or hidden fees. 

Will my EHE Health records be shared with my employer?

No. Your visit is entirely confidential. Absolutely none of your medical information is shared with anyone but you. You—and only you—will have secure access to your records on the myEHE patient portal.

Will I be billed for anything EHE Health does?

No. Your EHE Health preventive exam is covered at 100% under your S&P UnitedHealthcare plan. Your deductible is not touched, and there are no additional or hidden fees.

How are my records handled?

You and your EHE Health physician discuss most of your exam results on the day of your visit. Within one or two weeks, your full results will be available on the myEHE patient portal, where you’ll have a profile after you’ve activated your account. We will call you immediately with results that are time-sensitive.

What if I’ve already had a yearly physical with my primary care physician? Can I still have my EHE Health exam?

With your S&P UnitedHealthcare medical plan, you do not have a limit on preventive health services. We recommend that you visit EHE Health before a yearly physical with your primary care physician because EHE Health provides the most comprehensive preventive care anywhere. We can then refer you for an additional checkup.

How is this different than getting a physical?

EHE Health offers full-scale personalized prevention. Your clinical experience gives you deeper insight into every aspect of your health and the resources to achieve your goals.

A typical physical exam offers only a fraction of the screenings, neglects inputs like behavioral factors, and limits both evaluation and treatment. At EHE Health, the examination is just one part of your holistic, solution-focused preventive program.