Why should I use VaxStatus?

VaxStatus by EHE Health allows you to access and view your full vaccination history in one convenient location on myEHE. This includes downloadable digital verification of your COVID-19 vaccination.

Will VaxStatus let me enter places like movie theaters, restaurants, and arenas?

Because VaxStatus retrieves proof of COVID-19 vaccination directly from state registries, it represents valid verification of your status. However, as different venues have their own guidelines for entry, please check their specific requirements ahead of time.

Can VaxStatus be used at airports?

No, but by linking up with our partner, CLEAR, you can enjoy convenient, seamless movement as you travel.

Is VaxStatus only for COVID-19 vaccination?

No, VaxStatus can now retrieve every vaccination you’ve received that’s been registered with the state.

What if my COVID-19 vaccination was administered in multiple states?

Select the state where you had your most recent dose. If your vaccination series was spread across more than one state, we currently may not be able to retrieve your full record. A multi-state retrieval option will be available shortly.

Why does the system not show my vaccination if I received it months ago?

It’s essential that the personal information provided to VaxStatus (first and last name, date of birth) exactly match the information provided to the state registry by the provider/location where you were vaccinated. If you are certain you received vaccination in the state selected, double-check your information and re-submit. If you still can’t retrieve your vaccination records, we recommend you contact the provider who administered the vaccination so they can update your details in the state registry.

Why does my VaxStatus say “Partial COVID-19 Vaccination”?

If you receive a message saying “Partial COVID-19 Vaccination,” this means our system shows that you have only received one COVID-19 vaccine dose in a two-dose series (e.g., Moderna or Pfizer). If you received your second dose recently, try VaxStatus again in a few days, as it sometimes takes time for state registries to update.

Why is my vaccination in Texas not found?

Texas requires that you opt in to the state registry. If this opt-in did not happen at the time of your vaccination, it is necessary to do so now. Simply complete this form and return it to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Why is my vaccination in Philadelphia not found?

There are multiple separate registries in Pennsylvania, and we will have full access to the Philadelphia registry shortly.