What is VaxStatus?

VaxStatus by EHE Health allows you to access your Covid-19 vaccination status, with the option to add a vaccine passport to Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Can VaxStatus be used for travel?

Unfortunately, VaxStatus cannot be used for travel. However, by linking up with our partner, Clear, you can access a Clear Vaccine Passport, which can be used for travel.

Can VaxStatus grant me entry to arenas, movie theaters, and restaurants?

Every establishment has their own guidelines for entry. Please check with the establishment on what is accepted for proof of vaccination.

Is VaxStatus only for Covid-19 vaccination?

Yes, at this time, VaxStatus by EHE Health is only for Covid-19 vaccination. We will be opening it to more vaccines in the future.

What does “Partially Vaccinated” mean?

If you receive a message saying you are “Partially Vaccinated,” this means our system shows that you have only received one dose in a two-dose series (e.g., Moderna or Pfizer). If you received your second dose recently, try VaxStatus again in a few days, as it sometimes takes time for state registries to update.