welcome to a Whole New Way to Use Your Preventive Health Benefit

Virtual Care That Goes Beyond Telemedicine

EHE Health Pulse Virtual powered by Catapult Health makes staying on top of your health easier than ever. 

It’s an innovative new virtual option for taking your first steps toward better health. With Pulse Virtual, you can truly understand where you stand, lower your risks, and achieve your goals —comfortably and conveniently.

What’s included

Home Kit for Assessments
and Lab Screenings

Virtual Discussion
with Nurse Practitioner

Personal Action Plan and Follow-Up Care Referrals


COVID-19 Risk Assessment
Thrive Now App
Personal Health Record
Personal Health Mentorship

How it works


Visit www.virtualcheckup.com/ehehealth to register and order your VirtualCheckup kit


Use kit for key assessments and easy submission of lab sample


Schedule convenient virtual appointment with Catapult nurse practitioner


Review results with nurse practitioner and create action plan for improved health

This entire experience was great and seamless, from beginning to end. I appreciate the opportunity and ease of doing this from my home.”

VirtualCheckup patient

Want to learn more about
Pulse Virtual?

Watch this Catapult Health video taking you through the experience.

Frequently asked questions

What makes EHE Health Pulse Virtual different than ordinary telehealth?

While primary care telehealth is useful when you’re sick, Pulse Virtual gives you the advantages of preventive care—insight into your long-term risks, an action plan for change, follow-up coaching in areas like nutrition and exercise, plus much more. It’s valuable regardless of your current health status and convenient no matter where you are.

What does it cost?

Nothing. There’s no additional expense to you. Pulse Virtual is included in your employer-sponsored EHE Health benefit.

Will my employer see the results?

No. Your health information is 100% protected and confidential. Always.

What is Catapult Health?

Catapult Health has partnered with EHE Health to make its VirtualCheckup process (kit and clinical consultation) available for Pulse Virtual. But the entire Pulse Virtual experience is provided through your EHE Health benefit. Catapult Health does not impact your insurance or physician.

Can I still have my normal EHE Health exam?

Yes. The annual comprehensive in-person preventive exam is available to all EHE Health members, even if you’ve also taken advantage of Pulse Virtual.