EHE Health lights up Times Square as it expands preventative care focus

The company launched the tagline ‘The Original Prevention Network’ this month.


New York, NY | January 19, 2022

NEW YORK: EHE Health, a national healthcare provider, made its presence felt in its home city of New York this month. 

On January 10, the company placed ads on a screen above Times Square and at mass-transit stations at Wall Street, Rockefeller Center (pictuted below) and Stamford Metro in Connecticut. 

The company wanted to emphasize its focus on preventive health for all workers rather than its origins as a company focused on executive health, said Joy Altimare, EHE chief revenue officer. 

“We really did shift, and we wanted to make sure that we could bring the market along with us to what we call ‘total population health,’ which means we don’t just talk about executives and trying to keep them healthy,” she said. “They have many, many factory workers, and we figure out solutions to get them into preventive health.”

The campaign features the tagline, “The Original Prevention Network,” and a logo with three plus shapes layered atop one another in multiple colors. The goal was to promote three products: EHE Health Pulse Digital, which provides customizable content, tools and tracking, enhanced by remote clinical monitoring; EHE Health Pulse Virtual, a preventive health experience for employees; and EHE Health Pulse Physical, which provides in-person preventive exams.

The company spent 10 months working on the campaign, Altimare said. The group tried to determine what the brand means to its stakeholders and what the awareness level was around the company. 

During the strategic planning process, the staff considered “where do we want to go; what’s the white space; who are the players — all the things that you do to make sure you have a very solid strategic brief,” Altimare explained.

The biggest challenge was COVID-19, she said.

“We wanted to create an ownable position — that’s why we came up with ‘The Original Prevention Network’ — but we needed to be cognizant of the temperature and the reality of COVID and the impact it was having on healthcare employers and employees,” said Altimare. 

The campaign produced a 30% increase in traffic to the company website, according to EHE. The company plans to launch the print and digital parts of the campaign this week and place advertisements in The Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Houston Chronicle and the Washington Business Journal. 

The company is planning to run the campaign over the next three months, Altimare said.

“We will be looking at certain [key performance indicators] over the next couple months, but initial results seem to suggest that this campaign is resonating and doing really well,” said Altimare.