EHE Health pushes experience, evolving proposition in brand revamp

The century-old firm presses its bona fides as “the originators and innovators of preventative health care.”


New York, NY | January 18, 2022

EHE Health, which bills itself as “the originators and innovators of preventative health care,” had big plans for its first major rebranding effort in some time. In the wake of its 2016 acquisition by PE firm DW Healthcare Partners, the hundred-year-old company hoped to celebrate its experience and innovation in equal measure.

And then came COVID-19, which had the expected chilling effect on EHE’s plans. “We realized we needed to watch this moment and how it evolved,” recalled EHE chief revenue officer Joy Altimare. “The campaign had to not only speak to EHE Health, it had to be relevant to the moment. It had to speak to how healthcare will be impacted and evolve during and post-COVID.”

Last week EHE finally unrolled the first elements of the campaign, which showcases a different facet of the company’s value proposition. “When the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed, it was clear that total population health is where employers should be going,” Altimare said. “That is where we have shaped our business over the last decade.”

Creative work for the campaign ramped up last summer. With it, EHE hopes to help risk-averse reluctant CEOs, CFOs and HR leaders see the benefits of an approach to healthcare that prioritizes prevention. EHE’s ability to deploy prevention at scale, the company’s argument goes, translates into employers enjoying a better return on their healthcare investment.

The new tagline puts that particular aspect of the branding front and center: “Meet the original prevention network.” The new logo, on the other hand, consists of multiple crosses in different colors layered one atop another.

“The mark symbolizes bringing together ‘health’ and ‘care.’ It’s a clinical underpinning partnered with lifestyle medicine that treats the whole person,” Altimare explained.

The relaunch is the first brand campaign under the direction of Annie Anlas, vice president of creative, who was hired at EHE Health in September 2021. “Annie joined three months ago though we have been working on this campaign for ten months. She comes from Grubhub and Seamless,” Altimare says. “It’s often hard to find in one person that they understand the importance of creative elements to engage but they also can balance that with driving a low CPA. She walked into something that had already started but then she elevated it. She took the strategy and made it some much more impactful and consistent across all of our internal assets, driving how we talk to stakeholders and customers.”

Altimare also gives credit for the effectiveness of the relaunch to another team member, Chris McGuire, senior director of digital. “He made sure we didn’t settle on the first insight but that we probed deeply,” she says. “He really informed the brief that led to this work. He is also handling the deployment across digital—he is managing to do both.”

The brand relaunch began with outdoor advertising in Times Square and Rockefeller Center and on Wall Street in New York City, as well as around the Stamford train station in Connecticut.

“It’s an omnichannel campaign,” Altimare said. “We started with transit and out-of-home, and we will be moving into print and digital. We are building it out gradually to assure we hit every note thoughtfully.”