Terms of Service

The EHE Health Daily Pass service will allow you to confirm your symptoms and demonstrate the information to your employer or its designated agent.

Life Extension Institute, Inc. d/b/a EHE Health (“EHE Health”) collects your symptoms for the sole purpose of your receiving your EHE Health Daily Pass information, and as a result, EHE Health may ask questions such as First Name; Last Name; Date of Birth; Zip Code; symptoms; symptom type; and symptom date. EHE Health may retain this information for its records.

Your completion of this screening information will result in the disclosure of personal information and constitutes your consent to the collection and disclosure of such information by EHE Health for the purpose of providing your Daily Pass symptoms status, follow-up communications, contact tracing, or similar services. EHE Health may work with third parties in connection with providing services via the EHE Health Daily Pass service. Certain information you provide to, or that is collected by, the EHE Health Daily Pass may be shared with these third parties. These third parties will limit their use of the personal information solely to the purposes described, with access only to the results provided and not to the underlying data. EHE Health and its third party vendors that have access to personal information have appropriate privacy and security agreements executed.

The information you provide will be retained by EHE Health and may be subject to applicable privacy and security laws. EHE Health may disclose personal information. A description of how such personal information may be used or disclosed, and how you may obtain access to such information, is available in our Notice of Privacy Practices (https://my.ehe.health/notice-of- privacy-practices).


The EHE Health Daily Pass;

  • does not diagnose whether you or others have a disease or other health conditions, including COVID-19, or identify personalized treatments; and
  • is provided аѕ-is with no warranties provided to you by EHE Health or its third-party partners.

By using the EHE Health Daily Pass, you are consenting to the collection and disclosure of (1) the information you have provided, consistent with the protections described above and solely for the purposes outlined above; and (2) any information confirming your symptoms status, to and among EHE Health, EHE Health’s third party vendors, and its affiliates.

Data & Consent

By choosing to create a Daily Pass, you agree to provide personal information about yourself that EHE Health will use to access information about you to generate your Daily Pass.

EHE Health uses SMS to initiate, identify, and communicate with you.  By allowing the use of SMS for Daily Pass, you, as the user, acknowledge that SMS messages are non inherently secure and consent to personal information to be shared, including, but not limited to: First Name; Last Name; Date of Birth; and symptoms status, with EHE Health and its third party vendors. Anonymous usage data and metrics related to EHE Health Daily Pass App adoption and usage may be collected by EHE Health.

The EHE Daily Pass App does not use location services on your mobile phone.

By confirming your language preference in Daily Pass, you consent to the terms enumerated herein and acknowledge receipt of EHE Health’s Notice of Privacy Practices (https://my.ehe.health/notice-of- privacy-practices).

HIPAA Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information

The EHE Health Daily Pass will allow you to confirm your current symptoms status and demonstrate the information to your employer or its designated agent.

I hereby authorize EHE Health to collect, use, and disclose my health information as described in the Terms of Service, which is fully incorporated herein, and to disclose my symptoms status to my employer and their designated agents. EHE Health will not receive financial or in-kind compensation or remuneration in exchange for using or disclosing the health information described above.

This Authorization will expire upon the termination of the Safe At Work program.


In accordance with applicable state law and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Standards, I understand and agree that:

I have the right to revoke this authorization, in writing, at any time, except where action has been taken based upon my authorization. In order to revoke this authorization, I must do so in writing and send it to the EHE Health at the following e-mail address: memberservices@ehe.health

It is possible that information used or disclosed with my permission may be re-disclosed by the recipient and is no longer protected by the HIPAA Privacy Standards or state law.

This authorization is voluntary and I may refuse to agree to it. My treatment by any party, payment, enrollment in a health plan, or eligibility for benefits may not be conditioned upon my approval of this authorization.

The information that is used or disclosed pursuant to this authorization may be redisclosed by the receiving person or organization and, upon redisclosure, will no longer be protected by federal privacy laws.

By confirming your language preference in Daily Pass, you consent to this HIPAA Authorization Disclosure as stated above.