How to Help Your Community During COVID-19

Right now, things are stressful. We’re worried about our health and that of our loved ones, not to mention jobs, mortgages, and whether our communities will come through the other side of this difficult time intact. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can give back to your community in the midst of these challenging circumstances. And giving back has been shown to both increase happiness and reduce anxiety.  


Do a shopping run for elderly neighbors 

The elderly and those who are already in poor health are most at risk from the coronavirus. Simply doing the weekly shopping could be dangerous for them. Check in with elderly friends, family members, and neighbors, and see if you can give them a hand. 


Donate extra food and necessities  

If you have more than you need, consider donating to local food pantry or charity, or even to a neighbor or acquaintance who could use it. Do you know a single mom who’s struggling to feed her children now that school is out indefinitely? A server whose income disappeared when the restaurants shuttered? Pass along your extras.  


Keep shopping at local businesses— online, if necessary 

While many businesses are being forced to close their doors for the duration, some of these may still have an online presence. Help keep them afloat by shopping their sites online. Buy a gift card, if nothing else. And for those whose bricks and mortar locations are still open, keep giving them your business. Just do so safely. 
The bottom line: if you’re in a better position than your neighbor, consider giving them a hand whether that neighbor is a friend, a stranger, or a local business. It’s good for both of you.