8 Tips for Helping Your Kids Adjust to Social Distancing 

Before now, most kids were not used to being home all the time. They had school, soccer practice, and after-school and weekend activities. In fact, many modern parents worry that their kids have TOO much packed into their schedules. 

Well, COVID-19 has changed things. Parents and kids need to figure out what to do with a lot more downtime—whether stuck inside or just outside the house (e.g., the backyard or front stoop). This can be very challenging for everyone. But there are ways to make it work.

Here are 8 tips for success when it comes to kids and social distancing:


1. Keep a routine

Kids respond to structure. Do at-home schoolwork during normal school hours, and then schedule some after-school activities for your kids–such as reading, drawing, playing a game, throwing around a ball, etc.

2. Get moving

Kids need physical activity, especially now that they are out and about less. If your child plays a sport, see if there’s a way to practice it at home. If they take dance classes, find online lessons they can follow. Make it fun and exercise with them!   


3. Use online resources

Your home may feel small, but the internet is still vast. Explore museums and zoos that are offering virtual tours. Watch children’s authors live stream storytime. Take advantage of all the cultural offerings that have temporarily moved online 


4. Get crafty

There are tons of arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids, using things you can find around your house. Head to Pinterest for some inspiration! 


5. Go old school

Board games, card games, charades, indoor scavenger hunt, hide and seek, freeze dance... these are great non-digital ways to have fun and bond with your kids.  


6. Read together

Pick one book you all will like and read a chapter together each day. If your kids can read, take turns reading the chapter out loud.

7. Be silly

Laughter is great medicine. Schedule “silly” time10 or 15 minutes you set aside for goofy activities, like doing everything in slow motion, making silly faces, or performing funny dances. These are memories you’ll cherish forever.   


8. Keep them connected

Kids will miss social interactions with friends and classmates, so be sure to set them up with virtual playdates to keep them engaged with their friends.  


Social distancing is a big change for everyone, parents included. Give yourself and your kids a break during this time. While it’s important not to rely too much on screens, don’t be too worried about a little extra TV or video game time, particularly on rainy days. These are not normal times. If a little extra screen time one day helps everyone stay sane… it’s worth it.