5 Simple Ways to Help the Elderly While Keeping Your Distance

While social distancing is important for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly may be among the most isolated. Fortunately, keeping physical distance does not mean our older loved ones and neighbors need to be lonely or left to fend for themselves. There are ways we can help them through these times and keep them feeling connected and cared about.

Here are 5 simple ways to help the elderly while keeping your distance: 

1. Educate them

They may not be as informed as you are about the COVID-19 situation. Keeping them updated about the virus and essential preventive measures (e.g., washing hands, social distancing, etc.) is vital.

2. Keep in touch

Video chat, voice call, text—however the elderly people in your life are comfortable communicating, it’s important to stay connected. Check in regularly to see how they’re doing. A quick hello will brighten their day and minimize feelings of loneliness.

3. Write a letter

For the elderly who are less technologically savvy, write letters and cards to show them they are loved. Get your kids involved too! A homemade card drawn by a child will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Make sure to wash your hands before mailing it.

4. Go grocery shopping for them

Some grocery stores are allowing specific times for senior citizens to shop in order to avoid larger crowds. If they’re not as mobile, offer to go grocery shopping for them and drop the groceries at their door.

5. Run their errands

Restrict this to essential errands only, like dropping off or picking up a prescription. The goal is to limit the elderly’s in-person interactions, while also practicing social distancing yourself.

It’s important to remember we are all in this together. Helping our elderly family, friends, and neighbors during these frightening times is invaluable.