Joy Altimare

Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Joy Altimare is a brand strategist with nearly 20 years of experience across a range of highly competitive, rapidly evolving marketplaces. She has a proven track record, creating profitable solutions centered around member experience, engagement, and consumer behavior change. 

Joy directs EHE Health’s innovative engagement and product development strategywhich includes leading the strategic marketing initiative, growth, and revenue strategies, along with the clinical and technical product roadmap. She’s the engagement architect and product visionary.  

In her role, she is the consumer engagement architect, leading the alignment of the organization’s unique preventive care product with a frictionless, patient-centered process designed to drive results and satisfaction. Her team discovers key motivators of behavioral change, utilizing them to expand EHE Health’s reach and maximize its value and drive patient utilization. 

Throughout her career, Joy has been an expert advisor and resource for organizations tackling growth, innovation, and technology challenges and positioning themselves as positive disruptors within their category. 

Prior to joining the healthcare space, Joy worked with leading agencies such as Ogilvy+Mather, GREY, and Publicis on preeminent brands like L’Oreal, Verizon, and Colgate-Palmolive. 

She then shifted into a role at publishing giant Conde Nast, transferring her skills to the media world. Joy helped the company bridge the divide between its traditional roots and digital future, providing strategic insight as the industry’s terrain changed. 

Joy lives in NYC with her beautiful family.